Party box

Be your own gelato maker!

Our Ballabeni Party Box is a simple and affordable way to surprise your friends and colleagues!

With the Ballabeni Party Box, our unique gelato leaves the Ballabeni Ice Cream kitchen in a professional cooled mobile container. Thus you can quite simply provide your family, friends or colleagues with a cool surprise!
(Only for collection by the customer in the Ballabeni Ice cream Werkstatt, Seidlstr. 28).

Important information for your own private ice cream catering (perfect for marriage ceremonies and weddings, and private catering, among others):

o Available with two different flavours;
o Insulated to give perfect preservation for 4 hours and a two-hour serving period for the gelato.
o Fits in any car boot; (length: 600 mm; depth: 300 mm; height: 514 mm; weight: 18 kg)
o May be carried or transported on any wheeled trolley.
o Minimum purchase per flavour: 3 kg / per Party Box 2 x 3 kg


67 euros for rental and cleaning
23 euros per kg ice cream or sorbet
(c. 100 g per portion)

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